RFP NUMBER 2017-19

The City of Acworth GA, population of approx. 23,000 is requesting proposals from qualified engineering professionals for engineering services. Services to be provided include assisting the City in reviewing and making recommendations on construction plans, site development plans, technical review assistance for hydrology and soil erosion and sedimentation, grading and drainage review and other related development engineering issues. In addition, the consultant will be responsible for periodically assisting in minor updates to the development code, subdivision regulations and other related ordinances, as needed. The consultant shall be required to meet weekly with the Community Development Director to review the status of projects. All consultants must comply with all general and special instructions listed in the RFP.

The proposal shall state who the principals of the firm are, who from the firm will be assigned to review plan requests and state the consultant’s relevant experience. The consultant is asked to submit a proposal, which details the services the consultant will provide in reviewing plans. The proposal should detail how the consultant will charge for said services, ie. flat fee per plan or hourly rate and what those rates will be. The proposal shall require a billing process that is convenient and easy to for the City to track projects.

The City will choose a consultant based on the thoroughness of their proposal, qualifications, time schedule, and cost. The consultant must have a thorough knowledge of current State and local regulations and best management practices in regards to engineering related solutions to stormwater control, soil and erosion control, and other development construction issues. Demonstrated experience with stormwater-related issues shall be considered highly desirable. Strong consideration shall also be given for firms that show a proven track record of thorough reviews with a quick turn-around. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or to take any actions which are in the best interest of the City. The City also reserves the right to negotiate final details of a proposal with a consultant.

Full copies of the RFP may be found at the City’s website or will be mailed at the request of the firm. Questions should be addressed to Community Development Director Christine Dobbs at (770) 974-3112.

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