Outage Information Guide

Please find an Outage Information Guide to assist the residents of Acworth in recovering from the recent snow storm.

Power Outage Information Guide

The heavy snow received on Friday, December 8 caused mass power outages throughout our city and several
downed trees. Our crews have been hard at work since Friday to reduce these outages. At this time, most
outages have been reduced to single outages where damage occurred between the service line and the
connection point to the residence. Below is some information regarding outages and storm debris that will
assist you as residents.

Power Outages. If you experience an outage, you should contact the customer service department at 770-917-
8903. If your neighbors have power, but you are still experiencing an outage, here are some things you can do
to help assist us in restoring the power.

1. Contact customer service department number at 770-917-8903 and provide a description of what you are
facing, include details like line is sagging, line disconnected from the main line, line disconnected from
house, damage to mast or meter.

2. If the line is separated from your house or there is damage to the mast or the meter you will need to
contract with the services of a licensed electrician to make those repairs. An example of a damaged
mast and meter is provided below. The electrician will then contact the customer service department to
schedule an inspection and coordinate necessary details to reestablish service. An example of a
damaged mast and meter are provided below.

Image of a damaged mast

Storm Debris. Tree limbs and branches that can be manually pulled or carried to curb line will be accepted by
the city. The city cannot accept larger logs, large tree trunks, or non-vegetative items resulting from the
damage. Our primary focus is to restore all power outages first and then move to storm cleanup services which
may take some time. Please do not block any streets or public sidewalks with the debris.

Acworth Customer Service

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