Chief Dennard Welcomes You To The Acworth Police Department

The Acworth Police Department is committed to serving our community through proactive policing, professionalism, and community partnerships.  Our Core Values include Courage, Obligation, Dedication, and Enforcement.  As I reflect on these standards of performance and commitment that we have placed on ourselves, I am reminded of what a tremendous responsibility our officers have accepted.  I am well aware of the need for employing the best of the best personnel and providing each member of this agency with the equipment and training necessary to carry out our mission effectively, safely, and professionally. 

It is my responsibility to serve as the balance to ensure that we are responsible stewards of the personnel, financial resources, and powers of a governing authority that are indeed necessary for the accomplishment of our charge.  I have the honor of overseeing some of the best trained and most professional police officers and administrators in our state.  Being mindful of these factors, we cannot go it alone.  We need your prayers, support and input. 

I am so proud to serve at home.  You see I live here, I shop here, and I am fortunate enough to work here.  It truly is my heart’s desire to provide the police services that I would expect if I were any informed and active citizen in this community. 

I am very proud of our personnel and their commitment to this community.  By immersing The Acworth Police Department in the community we have developed unparalleled relationships with the people that we serve.  Because of our philosophy for community and partnerships we have recently received some very prestigious awards of recognition. 

  • 2010 "Agency of the Year" - Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
  • 2011 "Phyllis Goodwin Agency of the Year" - Georgia Chapter FBI National Academy Associates
  • 2012 "Galaxy of the Stars Governor Award" - Nobis Works

I encourage you to get to know us.  Perusing our website is a great way to start.  You will see many of the opportunities that are in place for you to spend time with us and communicate with us on a personal level.  And once you get to know us you will see that our whole agency shares my philosophy of community. My office is open.  Please let me know how I can serve you. 

Chief Wayne Dennard


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Acworth Police Department to provide fair, impartial, and excellent law enforcement service to our community. To that end, we pledge to pursue the highest levels of training and education available, and to offer our community the highest levels of professionalism to the best of our ability.

Core Values

The Acworth Police Department recognizes the honor and nobility of the law enforcement profession. We hold these core values to be fundamentals to our service

  • Courage - to overcome opposition, fear, and prejudice
  • Obligation - to serve the community with respect and dignity
  • Dedication - to the highest levels of professionalism, leadership, and honor
  • Enforcement - to exercise integrity in the use of power and authority

These things constitute the CODE by which we live as officers of the Acworth Police Department.


The Acworth Police Department consists of three division:


Uniform Patrol Division Headquarters Operations Detention Center

Uniform Patrol
Criminal Investigation Unit
Narcotics Investigation
K-9 Unit

Administrative Staff
Information Systems
Community Policing Coordinator
Training & Personnel

Food Services


The Acworth Police Department is dedicated to servicing it citizens. We do this by reaching out to the community through a variety of programs;

  • Citizen's Police Academy
  • Residence checks of your home while you are away for an extended length of time such as vacations or business trips.
  • Check your residence and advise you on how to better protect it from burglars and others that might try to enter it illegally.
  • Assist in forming neighborhood watch programs.
  • Regular neighborhood patrols by our uniform patrol division.
  • K-9 demonstrations
  • Assist with lectures and demonstrations for community groups and Home Owners Associations.