2022 Alcohol Licensing Requirements

Alcohol Licensing Process Updated January 2022

Effective January 12, 2022, the state of Georgia began a centralized alcohol licensing process (ALP) which requires all local licenses to be processed through the State system.  Please review information carefully prior to starting the alcohol license application process at Department of Revenue Alcohol License Portal.  

The following required documentation (12 items) must be submitted for processing of your city alcohol license application through the ALP. The application will not be accepted if all documentation is not submitted.

  • Click Here for review and completion of city alcohol license application. Application must be typed or legibly printed in blue or black ink. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted. All questions must be answered and/or applicant must indicate “N/A” if applicable.
  • Copy of surveyor’s plat for business location. City distance requirements can be found in Section 6-25 of the city’s Alcoholic Beverages ordinance at: https://library.municode.com/ga/acworth/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=PTIICOOR_CH6ALBE_ARTIINGE_S6-25DIARRE
  • Photo of business location
  • Inside plat of affected building with dimensions and total square footage
  • Applicant’s proof of bona fide residency of the United States or a copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of executed lease or proof of property ownership with bill of sale
  • Partnership agreement or articles of incorporation for business
  • Financial statement for corporation or business
  • Applicant R.A.S.S. training certificate
  • Alcohol training policy or procedures for business and employees
  • Letter of Clearance from the Clerk of Federal Court in Atlanta (2211 Richard B Russell Building, 75 Spring Street, 404-215-1635)
  • Proof of city occupation tax certificate or commercial occupation tax application

An application fee is required after submission of your city alcohol license application to the ALP.  Payments may be submitted online at: https://wipp.edmundsassoc.com/Wipp/?wippid=ACWR or in person at the City Clerk’s Office, 4415 Center Street, Acworth, GA  30101.  The city accepts forms of payment in cash, check or credit card.  There is a 2.95% processing fee for credit cards.  After receipt of the application fee, a public hearing will be scheduled, following advertising in the Marietta Daily Journal for two weeks prior to the public hearing.  Applicants will be required to post a sign at the affected business location 15 days prior to the public hearing. 

You may contact the City Clerk’s Office at 678-801-4024 or email alcohollicense@acworth.org for questions regarding the new alcohol licensing process.