Downtown Project

Downtown Development Master Site Plan
Over the past 15 years the City of Acworth has been on a mission to revitalize our downtown area in order to make it a walkable and economically thriving community. The city has made improvements to Main St, Cherokee St, Dallas St, Academy St, Carnes St, Sen. Russel Ave, Southside, School St, and Taylor St. In addition the city has built 5 new public parking lots downtown so people could easily find parking when visiting downtown. All the Railroad Crossings were converted into silent crossings to reduce the noise when the trains blew their horns going through town. In 2016 the city opened the expanded Logan Farm Park on Cherokee St with walking trails, open greenspace, picnic shelter and huge playground.

Beginning in September 2017 the city is continuing with the next phase of the redevelopment with the realignment of Lemon Street, a new left turn lane on Main Street at Lemon, a pedestrian overpass over the railroad tracks, construction of a new public parking lot, the small public parking lot at Main and Lemon being converted into a park with a replica train depot/history center, the renovation of a historic home into an Arts Center and the construction of a new Community Center.

With any improvements there will be some disruption of traffic flow and alternative traffic plans will be developed. The city and its contractor will be doing its best to accommodate everyone, but we ask for everyone's patience as we move through this period of progress. We expect the project to take fifteen to eighteen months to complete. Regular email blasts will be sent out as traffic plans are developed, and with any changed, and unforeseen issues that arise.