Vendor/Sponsorship Information

Non-Profit Food Vendors
The City of Acworth allows non-profit organizations to sell food as fundraisers at certain events throughout the year. Below are the events that are coordinated through the City of Acworth where non-profit food vendors are permitted, as well as the email address for the event coordinator. Please contact the coordinator immediately if you are interested in being present at one of these events. Participation is not guaranteed. 

**Non-profit food vendor space is EXTREMELY limited. Once spaces are filled there will be no other opportunities for non-profit vendors to attend these events.

**All non-profit food vendors will be required to fill out and post the Cobb & Douglas Department of Public Health Self-Inspection Checklist for Temporary Food Facilities. Please click here to download the application.  

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The City of Acworth has several events with sponsorship opportunities available. Below are the events that have sponsorship opportunities, as well as the contact information for the coordinator.

Additional Sponsorship and Vendor Opportunities
There are several events hosted in the City of Acworth that allow for-profit vendors to be present. These events are managed through different management companies and are not coordinated through the City of Acworth. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these events, renting a booth, or being a food vendor, please contact the appropriate management company.

Splash Festivals: 470-342-5797
        - Acworth Art Fest (Spring) 

JRM Management: 770-423-1330
        - Smoke on the Lake BBQ Festival (Spring)
        - Taste of Acworth (Fall) 

Atlanta Beer Festivals:
        - Acworth Beer Fest (Fall)